prof. dr. Sieb Nooteboom

A brief history of speech synthesis in the former Institute for Perception Research (IPO), Eindhoven.

by: Sieb Nooteboom



The high-lighted literature references in the text are accessible by clicking on them. But the reader should be warned: They all are optical scans of old documents, and may take a few minutes each to download. Audio demonstrations plus corresponding texts are accessible by clicking on the high-lighted words text or audio below subsections. Here also a warning is in place: Some players for audio files start playing before the whole file has been downloaded. If so, it sometimes happens that an audio demonstration is audibly interrupted for brief periods of time. However, if you immediately play the same demonstration for a second time, it will normally be heard uninterrupted.


This webpage contains a text describing developments in the area of speech synthesis in the former Institute for Perception Research in Eindhoven, in a period of roughly three decades, running from the early sixties to the early nineties of the twentieth century. The text also provides, via the literature references in the text, a number of hyperlinks to old documents describing particular developments in the corresponding period of time. Under most subheadings the highlighted word DEMO can be found, providing a hyperlink to audio demonstrations of the system to be discussed plus the corresponding texts.    

The Institute for Perception Research IPO was set up, in the form of a legally independent foundation, by Philips Electronics, the University of Technology in Eindhoven, and the Dutch Organisation for Fundamental Research ZWO in the year 1957. IPO ceased to exist as an independent organisation in the year 2001. Main research areas were from the beginning the psychophysics of vision and audition, and ergonomics. Speech research started very soon.