prof. dr. Sieb Nooteboom

Supervised Doctoral theses of PhD-students

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2005 M. van Rossum, "Prosody in alaryngeal speech", (Utrecht).
2003 E. Janse, "Production and perception of fast speech", (Utrecht).
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1999 S.M.M. Te Riele, “Early context effects in spoken-word perception”, (Utrecht).
1996 A. Sanderman, “Prosodic phrasing. production, perception, acceptability and comprehension”. (Eindhoven, together with  R. Collier).
1996 M.J. Sanders, “Intonation contour choice in English”, (Utrecht, together with R. Collier, TUE).
1996 H.H. Rump, “Prominence of pitch-accented syllables”. (Eindhoven, together with R. Collier).
1995 W. A. van Donselaar, “Effects of accentuation and given/new information on word processing”, (Utrecht).
1995 E. Blaauw, “On the perceptual classification of spontaneous and read speech”, (Utrecht).
1994 P.J.A.M. Scharpff, “Het effect van spreekpauzes op de herkenning van woorden in voorgelezen zinnen, (Leiden together with Prof. Dr. J.G. Kooij)
1994 L. Menert,“Experiments on voice assimilation in Dutch”, (Utrecht, together with W,. Zonneveld)
1994 G. de Krom, “Acoustic correlates of breathiness and roughness” (Utrecht)
1994 J. Caspers, “Pitch movements under time pressure”, (Leiden, together with Prof. Dr. J.G. Kooij).
1992 J.H. Eggen, "On the quality of synthetic speech" (Eindhoven, together with Prof. Dr. H. Bouma)
1992 I. Petric, "Here is the news. Predicting listening performance for news texts" (Utrecht)
1992 A.J. van Hessen, "Discrimination of familiar and unfamiliar speech sounds" (Utrecht)
1991 W.Z.F. Eefting, "Timing in talking" (Utrecht)
1991 L.M.H. Adriaens, "Ein Modell deutscher Intonation" (Eindhoven, together with Prof. Dr. H. Bouma)
1989 R.J.H. Deliege, "The "Tiepstem", an experimental Dutch keyboard-to-speech system for the speech impaired" (Eindhoven, together with Prof. Dr. H. Bouma)
1989 M.L. van Dijk-Kappers, “Temporal decomposition of speech and its relation to phonetic information” (Eindhoven, together with Prof. Dr H. Bouma
1989 H.C. van Leeuwen, "Toolip: a development system for linguistic rules" (Eindhoven, together with Prof. Dr. H. Bouma)
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1987 M.J. van der Vlugt, "Spraakgeluid en woordherkenning" (Eindhoven)
1987 J.L.G. Baart, "Focus, syntax and accent placement" (Leyden)
1985 J.M.B. Terken, "Use and function of accentuation" (Leyden)
1985 J.G. Kruyt, "Accents from speakers to listeners" (Leyden)
1983 M.T.M. Scheffers, "Sifting vowels" (Groningen, together with Prof. Dr.H. Duifhuis).